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Switchback – Extra Pale Ale

IPAs are very popular these days. Sours are having their day in the sun as well. But as summer comes to a close and the fall beers are now upon us I feel like switching gears. Slowly. So when I saw Switchback’s Extra Pale Ale in my local beer shop I grabbed a six back and why I love the beers Switchback makes. Continue reading

Innis & Gunn – Original – English Ale

Innis and Gunn

In honor of Leicester FC winning the Premier League championship, and because I’d like to drink a beer that’s been in my fridge for less than a month, I enjoyed Innis & Gunn’s Original Scottish Beer tonight. The fancy label advertises the beer as  a “Hand crafted Scottish beer” and “Oak Aged Beer.” Those are some big statements and are pretty loaded and they delivered.

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