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Corona Extra – Anheuser-Busch InBev

Welcome to the head to head review! We are all winners! Except for Corona. It will disapoint and haunt us for ever.

Scott: If you are like me, Corona holds a positive place in your mind. I never remember the taste, but I remember the beach parties and the lazy lounging with a clear bottled Corona (with lime) in my hands. I remember having the opportunity for a bud light, coors light and Corona at weddings and family functions and drinking the Corona like it was going out of business. I remember the rumors that our neighbors to the south pissed in it and that is why you need a lime (and that is why there will be a fucking wall). All of these memories have left me with a warm lime flavored feeling in my heart. It was time to destroy my youth.

Tim: Corona: At least it’s not Bud Light Lime. That was my thought the entire time I was drinking the beer. This isn’t the worst beer ever, and if it was a hotter day I would be enjoying the beer that much more. But it was a pleasant day. And I hated this beer.

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Switchback – Extra Pale Ale

IPAs are very popular these days. Sours are having their day in the sun as well. But as summer comes to a close and the fall beers are now upon us I feel like switching gears. Slowly. So when I saw Switchback’s Extra Pale Ale in my local beer shop I grabbed a six back and why I love the beers Switchback makes. Continue reading

Harpoon – Wannamango

wannamangoThe summer beers are upon us. And I would quip about the timing, but it was a beautiful day.  Harpoon has switched up for 2016. Previously their summer beer was a kolsch and it was a good summer beer. So now we have Wannamango. The can is the same color. I like colors.
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Innis & Gunn – Original – English Ale

Innis and Gunn

In honor of Leicester FC winning the Premier League championship, and because I’d like to drink a beer that’s been in my fridge for less than a month, I enjoyed Innis & Gunn’s Original Scottish Beer tonight. The fancy label advertises the beer as  a “Hand crafted Scottish beer” and “Oak Aged Beer.” Those are some big statements and are pretty loaded and they delivered.

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Napa Smith – Hop Java Coffee Ale

Hop-JavaCoffee. Coffee. Coffee. I’ve enjoyed the combo of beer and coffee. I think it’s nothing short of amazing when a stout or Porter has the smell and taste of coffee just from the roasting of the malts. But this beer doesn’t get it flavors from malts. It’s a sparkling ale. Clear. But does the beer live up to its name?
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Ommegang – Seven Kingdoms

7KingdomsI’m a sucker for beer, themes, and themed beer.  So to kick off this new blog I decided to go with the latest Ommegang Game of Thrones beer “Seven Kingdoms”. Fitting since this past weekend was the start of Season 6. Is Jon Snow still dead?  is he now??   now???  How does this Hoppy Wheat Ale fair?

So many questions.

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