Welcome to the head to head review! We are all winners! Except for Corona. It will disapoint and haunt us for ever.

Scott: If you are like me, Corona holds a positive place in your mind. I never remember the taste, but I remember the beach parties and the lazy lounging with a clear bottled Corona (with lime) in my hands. I remember having the opportunity for a bud light, coors light and Corona at weddings and family functions and drinking the Corona like it was going out of business. I remember the rumors that our neighbors to the south pissed in it and that is why you need a lime (and that is why there will be a fucking wall). All of these memories have left me with a warm lime flavored feeling in my heart. It was time to destroy my youth.

Tim: Corona: At least it’s not Bud Light Lime. That was my thought the entire time I was drinking the beer. This isn’t the worst beer ever, and if it was a hotter day I would be enjoying the beer that much more. But it was a pleasant day. And I hated this beer.

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