How we brew.


I am currently brewing on 15 gallon system that was cobbled together from various sources.

-15 Gallon Stainless Steel Brewpot – The pot is actual made somewhere in China, I used a step drill to add a hole for a drain valve and thermometer

-10 Gallon HLT – Another random stainless steel pot that I drilled to add a valve and thermometer.  It works pretty good for most brew days but its capacity has caused problems with larger grain heavy brews.

-Massive Igoo Cooler as Mash Tun – Works pretty good, capicity currently does not seem to be a problem, but will probably need to go larger in the future.

-Blichmann Burner (w/ stand!) – love this thing, recommend for those of us that brew outside and don’t want to stand around forever waiting for water to boil.

-Random ass high temp tubing, chilling coils, testing equipment, brushes, buckets, carboys and funnels

-While not part of the actual brew equipment, one home made keg-orator is also part of my setup.  This bad boy currently holds two corny kegs and uses taps rescued from a 1970’s pizza place (old brass).