Me Tim.



Him Scott.

How to describe myself??? Welp, I am a 30ish year old guy who lives somewhere in the middle states.  I’ve been hombrewing for many years and wanted to get an outlet where I could write a weekly little review as some sort of hobby/therapy.  I am a lover all things art (comics, posters, music, classical painting, everything), an avid lunchtime runner (need to burn off beer calories) and bit of a political science policy wonk (nerd).  My beer preferences are all over the place and I can usually find value it all brands and styles.  I can not stand the overly obsessive beer snobbery of the current beer culture and would never wait in line or pay big bucks for a limited addition release.  Beer is the great uniter, the drink for the common man, and this common man is going to review (and share) a few.