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Switchback – Extra Pale Ale

IPAs are very popular these days. Sours are having their day in the sun as well. But as summer comes to a close and the fall beers are now upon us I feel like switching gears. Slowly. So when I saw Switchback’s Extra Pale Ale in my local beer shop I grabbed a six back and why I love the beers Switchback makes.


Switchback is brewed just south of the beer meca that is Burlington, VT. They have been operating for a while and I had the great pleasure of visiting them for the first time about 7 years ago. I loved the simple lineup of beers but when I lived in Massachusettes I was not able to find their beer in stores. When I moved to NH was I floored to see their 20oz Ale bottles on the shelf. I keep going back to the beer time and time again. When I talked with the brewers at my first visit I commented on how their porter was so rich in chocolate and asked if they used any thing to increase that taste. He smiled and said they use nothing but grains, water, hops, and yeast. I really admire that.

The bottle reminded me of what Coors uses for their banquet beer. I like the style, something different from every other bottle on the shelves. Oh! they are now doing 6 packs as well as the bomber bottles. Sweet! Getting back to the Pale Ale in hand, the inital taste is a bit malty as one would expect and then you are hit with the pine taste/smell from the hops. The beer is very easy drinking and at 4.3% alcohal you won’t feel like ass the next day if you drank a few over an afternoon.

I really enjoy the brewery and their beers are great. If you can buy a bottle, do it. And if you plan to visit the Burlington area be sure to stop by their tasting room.


  1. Nice review, but weren’t you suppose to have a corona review?

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