I had the pleasure of experiencing Terrapin’s Hi-5 IPA this week. 

Terrapin’s Hi-5 is an aggressively hopped west coast style ipa that tips the scales at 80 IBU (International Bittering Units, for comparison Miller Lite is 10 IBUs) and 5.9% ABV.  I purchased the beer in cans from my local grocery store (more on this in a bit).  For those that care about color (I don’t give a shit personally, I mostly care about taste and mouth feel, but to each their own) it poured a clear orangey color with a nice foamy head. It is definitely a hoppy punch of a beer, with a nice citrusy nose and a pleasing citrus/tropical hop taste.  On the back end of this beer is a well balanced backbone that does not leave an overly malty after taste.  I’m not gonna lie, this is a very hoppy beer, but I never felt like it was a palate wrecker.  For those that are looking for a West Coast IPA with a big hop flavor and a sub 6% ABV you can’t go wrong with this refreshing offering from Terrapin.

Before I close out this review I want to talk alittle bit about canned beer and my general love of the craft industry using canning as an alternative to glass bottles.  First, I fucking love that I don’t have to worry about the beer getting skunked from light.  I recognize that this shouldn’t be a problem, but cans just give me the warm and fuzzies on this front.  Cans also are easier for me, the consumer, to get rid of.  For some fucking reason, the municipality where I live doesn’t recycle glass anymore, so I have to throw it away which just feels wrong.  Last, cans are just easier for me to store, I can stack them or put them in the soda can dispenser in my fridge.  I like that.

So to recap, drink Terrapin’s Hi-5 and I like cans.