wannamangoThe summer beers are upon us. And I would quip about the timing, but it was a beautiful day.  Harpoon has switched up for 2016. Previously their summer beer was a kolsch and it was a good summer beer. So now we have Wannamango. The can is the same color. I like colors.

Pale ale with Mangos. I was skeptical and I think I still am. The mango part of the beer doesn’t allow for the pale ale to come though much. The first taste was all mango. The second taste was a little less mango and some more beer type results. The third taste I realized that the beer is crisp, the warmer the day the better the beer would be, and I’m not hating this beer. Then I remembered Chris Kattan SNL charactor Mango. So so random.

The nose is 100% mango. The taste starts off with 100% mango and it goes down slightly over time. And the name reminds me of Wet Hot American Summer.  So as the summer starts I’ll pick this up again, but I don’t think it’ll be my first summer beer choice.