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Union Craft Brewing – Duckpin Pale Ale

Union Craft Brewing – Baltimore, MD

Duckpin Pale Ale

So I went to an afternoon wedding this past weekend and had a delightful easy drinking Pale Ale from Union Craft Brewing.  Before I get into my over tasting thoughts and recommendation let me talk a little about going to a wedding and my consumption (overconsumption) issues when I am in an awkward social situation and am required to hold my beverage of choice.

The wedding I attended was for a cousin and had about 50ish guests.  I usual don’t have trouble milking a fine beverage when the situation calls for it, but something about weddings fucks (this blog rated R) this super power up.  I think it has a lot to do with simply holding the beer and having to talk to (mostly listen) to people I don’t spend much time with.  I get a bit nervous and fidgety in new social situations which leads to additional sips while I am standing there listening to a friend of the groom drone on about some thing or something (didn’t actually listen).  The thing is this is a problem, family events, specifically weddings are events where you are encouraged to over consume, but really shouldn’t. Anyway, I don’t think I did anything memorable, which should be the goal of all wedding guests.

Well enough with my drinking issues and wedding insecurities, let’s talk about Union Craft Brewing’s Duckpin Pale Ale.  This was served to me in a can with a fine napkin beer cozy from a beer tub, so the color of the brew was lost on me.  The nose is awesome with a great hops forward smell.  I am not one for actually trying to pick out what variety of hops you can smell but I did pick up one I am very familiar with which is cascade (Union’s website says that Columbus and Galaxy hops are also at the party).  Cascade hops are the backbone for many pale ales and IPAs that are found in the market today, and is one of my favorites due to its versatility in a variety of various styles (I have used it in pale ales, blondes, wheats and IPAs).  Duck Pin Pale ale is just an all-around easy drinker.  The flavor is crisp with what I consider a nice balance of malts on the backend of the taste. The abv is 5.5% so if could be a good day drinker (if you like that sort of thing).  Unfortunately this isn’t distributed by my home so I guess I will just have to get some when I am in Maryland, but either way Duckpin Pale Ale is the type of beer where you would be happy to have another (and another and in my case 3 more).

The other guy on this website thinks this review needs a tl:dr closing line just in case any of the readers didn’t get it (I have more faith in you my drunken reader), so to wrap it up, Union Craft Brewing’s Duckpin Pale Ale is a beer you shouldn’t feel shy about ordering.  I think this fits into my safe to order category, is it the best pale ale ever, probably not, but in a crowded pale ale market it is well above average and a safe choice for most situations.


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