Innis and Gunn

In honor of Leicester FC winning the Premier League championship, and because I’d like to drink a beer that’s been in my fridge for less than a month, I enjoyed Innis & Gunn’s Original Scottish Beer tonight. The fancy label advertises the beer as  a “Hand crafted Scottish beer” and “Oak Aged Beer.” Those are some big statements and are pretty loaded and they delivered.

I had my reservations about this beer. Oak aged beer? Sounds like a recipe for Oak Monster size disappointment. Hand crafted Scottish Beer? You mean your beer isn’t made by soulless machines and aged on beechwood? Matured for 77 days? That’s pretty damn fast. I’m 34 and I’m still maturing.

OK, enough snark. This beer is really good. The nose is great and a little sweet, you get a nice toffee aftertaste. And the longer the aftertaste lingers the more it changes and it remains very pleasant. The beer is 6.6% alcohol but doesn’t have the characteristics of a high-ish alcohol beer. The color is very clear and a very nice carmel, matches the flavors very well. This beer was great from the bottle, I’d be very interested to see if I can find it on tap. If you find a bottle don’t hesitate to give it a try.