Hop-JavaCoffee. Coffee. Coffee. I’ve enjoyed the combo of beer and coffee. I think it’s nothing short of amazing when a stout or Porter has the smell and taste of coffee just from the roasting of the malts. But this beer doesn’t get it flavors from malts. It’s a sparkling ale. Clear. But does the beer live up to its name?

The beer is 6.7% alcohol but isn’t sharp on the tongue. The color is a nice carmel color in a glass. This ale has had coffee beans added to it in the brewing process to give it the aroma and taste of coffee. It’s base is a ale (calling it a hoped ale is like stating you bought a round tire). The body is absolutely an ale. And there are coffee tones in the smell and taste. But I wasn’t a fan of the combo. The Hops added a bitterness that didn’t go well with the coffee taste. Surprising since bitter and coffee are a natural combo (future brewing goal).

It’s an interesting beer and I’ll try any beer once. Once was enough for me.